Recurring Cleaning Services.

Recurring Cleaning Services

A clean and tidy home lifts weight off your shoulders.

Our daily lives are incredibly busy. Whether you have one job or two, run a business, or stay home and manage an entire household (or maybe all of the above!), you do more in a day than seems humanly possible.

Hiring a house cleaner really can change your life. Imagine walking through your door later today or this week and, like magic, your house smells so fresh, the floors are shiny, and somehow your stainless steel looks brand new again! This is what we do. We take care of you.

When Queendom comes to clean your home, you do not need to do a thing. We will bring everything we need (it is all non-toxic and eco-friendly), we can let ourselves in, and we can show ourselves around. If you prefer to be home that is totally fine, as we would love to meet you!

What is included in the cleaning?

Dusting Or Wiping Baseboards
Spot Cleaning Walls
Cleaning Kitchen (exterior of all appliances and cupboards, inside microwave and more)
Collecting Garbage
Dusting/Wiping Decor And Blinds As Needed
Dusting Electronics Where Safe To Do So
Doors and Window Trim
Toilet Front To back, Top to Bottom
Spot and Dry and Damp Dusting Of All Reachable Surfaces.
Cleaning Bathrooms (polish sink and mirror, clean toilets completely and hand wash floors around them, doors, walls, counters, all dispensers, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a routine cleaning?

Step 1: You get two quotes:

a. Quote for Initial Cleaning

b. Quote for Routine Cleaning

Step 2: Pick A Schedule

We find a date and time that you like

Step 3: Initial Clean
We work some magic (but it's really just skill) and then your routine cleaning schedule starts.

What routine cleaning frequencies do you offer?

We offer the following recurring service frequencies:

– Weekly cleaning
– Bi-weekly cleaning
– Every three weeks
– Monthly Cleaning

Apart from that, you can also set up custom routine cleanings.

Why is an initial clean required?

An initial clean is the first cleaning service we conduct for any client. It takes longer and costs more because we take the time needed to clean all areas in your home.

​After the initial clean, routine cleaning is simplified for us, so we offer lower rates to routine cleaning clients.

In this blog, I will share why an Initial clean is not just required but it is an excellent place to start. Click here

Do I need to be home during the service?

You are welcome to be home while we clean, however, it is not mandatory. We can access the home with a key or a garage or door code

What is the best payment method?

We accept the following forms of payment:

1. Cheques payable to Queendom Cleaning Ltd.
2. Cash
3. E-transfers to payments@queendomcleaning.com
4. Credit card paid via your invoice

All payments are due within 2 business days of service completion. Accounts exceeding 45 days past due are sent for collection.

All new clients are required to pay a 25% deposit to book their first service only. You can pay the deposit via e-transfer(to payments@queendomcleaning.com) or a credit card.

We always honour our service guarantee no matter what.

Add ons

Full wall washing
Full baseboard washing
Interior windows cleaning
Wipe all doors and trim
Clean inside boot closet
Clean tidy pantry
Bookcase deep cleaning
Blind cleaning (wipe by hand)
Inside and behind fridge
Inside and behind stove
Inside cabinets
Behind washer/dryer
Laundry wash/dry/fold

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