Service Agreement

Residential Cleaning Service agreement and Policy

Welcome to Queendom Cleaning

We know that working in your home is a privilege. Queendom Cleaning aims to be flexible, understanding, and accommodating, and we greatly appreciate the same from you. It is our mission to change the service industry by listening to our clients and acting on what we hear; everybody thrives in a relationship built on understanding and compromise. The policies listed below serve to protect you and your belongings, our technicians, your pets, and our relationship. When you approve your quote from us, you agree to the policies listed below.

Securing a booking

A credit card is required to secure your first booking, your card will not be charged unless payment is not received in due time. Please let us know if you do not have a credit card and we will offer some alternatives.


A deposit may be required to secure your booking. This is 100% refundable in accordance with our Cancellations Policy listed below.


Single Service: 3 business days notice by phone or email. Less than 3 business days: 50% of service rate invoiced. One business day or less: 100% of service rate invoiced. Total cancellation: two weeks notice is appreciated. Stat Holidays: We are closed and will contact you for rebooking or skipping.

Lock outs

We will invoice for the full amount of the service if we arrive to clean but cannot gain entry.


Payment for a completed service must be made on the same day as the service, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any invoices overdue by 30 calendar days or more will be pursued by MetCredit – a consumer debt collection agency, or by Queendom Cleaning in Provincial Civil Court. We prefer to work together to resolve anything that would result in this process

Forms of Payments

We accept cheques, cash, e-transfers ( and credit cards. All payments are due on the same day as service completion unless otherwise agreed in writing.


For safety, please ensure all access routes are safe and clear to pass including driveways and walkways. Cancellations due to unsafe or inaccessible properties will be managed under the above Cancellations Policy.

Your Schedule

Please help us to be consistent by committing to this day and time. We will always try but may not be able to immediately accommodate changes


We offer a 24-hour service guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your service, please notify us within 24 hours or as soon as possible so a team member can return to rectify the issue. We do not offer refunds or discounts. We strive to complete all tasks to a high standard during each service, but we recognize that our team members are human and may occasionally miss a speck or two. If this is the case, please advise us so we can coach the team member prior to your next service.

Products and Tools

Queendom Cleaning will provide all products and tools unless otherwise requested. All of our products are non-toxic and eco-friendly professional grade commercial cleaners. For health and safety reasons, we may refuse to use certain products such as bleach. Please ensure you have a toilet brush on each floor of your house. If you would like us to use your products or tools, we will not be held responsible for equipment failures and your acceptance (signature) of the quote signifies your agreement to waive any liability to Queendom Cleaning for these instances.


Quotes are based on the normal occupancy of the home at the time. If the number of human or animal occupants increases, the quote may be adjusted. If an occupant is sleeping in a bedroom while the service is in progress, our team will not enter the room and no discount will be applied to the invoice due to the skipped room. We do not apply discounts for removing rooms from the service when we arrive to clean, your time slot requires full payment of the applicable rate used to hold the spot.

Other Health Precautions

Any obvious bodily fluids etc. (both animal and human) will be strictly avoided. Locations with pest infestations, including mice, will be vacated immediately. This also includes excessive animal feces or urine. If unsanitary conditions or items are encountered, we reserve the right to immediately vacate the premises and will invoice accordingly.

Lifting, Climbing, and Ladders

Some activities may require a second person or management approval. A single cleaner cannot clean beyond arms reach on a one-step stool. If a team is present and a small step-ladder is provided, the ladder may be used. We do not clean outside. We do not push, pull, or lift heavy items or furniture at all. If you request furniture to be moved that cannot be lifted by one person, we will not be held liable for any damage caused by pushing or pulling furniture (eg. scratching floors). We recommend protecting the floor by using felt pads or similar, as you see fit.

We do not clean television screens (we dust them and wipe the frames).

Heavy/Large Furniture

You must provide permission to move large furniture in writing and release us from any liability related to damages that could be caused by dragging heavy furniture. If you would like large/heavy furniture cleaned behind, please move the unit for our technicians. This includes stoves and fridges – they will only be moved if deemed safe to do so (we do not want to scratch the floor).


We love them! If you feel better having your pet secured during your service, please let us know or have them ready for us. We cannot accept any responsibility for any incidents arising while we are in the home related to your pet. Our technicians may not let your pet outside.


Please secure or safely stow precious items or valuables prior to your service. This will offer you peace of mind and eliminate potential accidents. Loose change on the floor may disappear in a vacuum, and small jewelry should be stored away from dusted or wiped areas so we can efficiently clean the area without fear of knocking something down a vent!

Standard Flat-Rate Cleaning Exclusions and Limitations

Flat rate services are based on the assumption that the occupants (human and animal) and use of the home does not change. We still set a time limit for our technicians for this type of service. If we find we require more time than originally anticipated, we will update your rate so we can ensure we have the time to reach our standards of cleaning.
All services are charged at a flat rate unless you have requested hourly cleaning and provided a priority list or have indicated that we may clean for as long as it takes.
If we have not cleaned your location for longer than two months, your next service will be charged by the hour so we can spend the time needed to do a good job.

Hourly Cleaning Exclusions and Limitations

We do offer cleaning by the hour at a rate of $45/hour as of December 30th, 2019. Unless otherwise specified, cleaning is charged at the rate quoted to you. If we finish early, we may apply a discount to your invoice!
An hourly cleaning estimate is an estimate only. If you would like to set a priority list we can do that, and our team will clean those areas first and move on to other tasks after they are finished, but will only stay until your time limit is reached.
Otherwise, our team will clean until the required tasks are complete, regardless of the time booked and of the estimated time. We are usually pretty close in our estimates, but when we get down to the deep corners we may find we have underestimated. Our team will attempt to notify you if this is the case.
Hourly cleaning is booked per cleaner plus GST and our hourly rate is subject to change at any time. If it changes, any current bookings will not change. As of December 2019, our hourly rate is $45/cleaner ($90/hour for two etc.) plus GST.