Pre-Listing Cleaning Service

Pre-Listing Cleaning

Let your listing shine through your photos and welcome potential buyers into a sparkly, fresh home

A cleaner vacuuming

Many factors can help you sell your home faster and for the most profit, and cleanliness is one of them.

Our pre-listing cleaning will shine through in the photographs of your home. This will welcome potential buyers into a fresh space, helping them better envision themselves in the home.

Moreover, we can also provide you with maintenance cleaning while your home is listed. Furthermore, If you are not living in the home anymore, we can pop in now and then just to spruce it up. Once somebody snaps it up, your move out cleaning will be a breeze!

What is included in this cleaning?

Spot Cleaning Walls
Spot Cleaning Doors and Wiping Handles
Sweeping, Vacuuming, And Mopping Floors And Mats
Dusting Or Wiping All Reachable and Horizontal Surfaces Including Window Sills
Cleaning Kitchen ( Exterior Of All Appliances And Cupboards, Inside Microwave And More)
Wiping Walls and Mirrors.
Dusting or Wiping Baseboards
Dusting/wiping Decor and Blinds As Needed
Laundry (wash/dry/fold)
Cleaning Bathrooms (Polish Sink And Mirror, Clean Toilets Completely And Hand Wash Floors Around Them, Doors, Walls, Counters, All Dispensers, Etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do this service costs?

We charge an hourly rate of $45.00/hour per cleaner fo Pre-Listing Cleaning


– All supplies and tools

– Licensed, bonded, insured, and WCB covered cleaning technicians, and exemplary customer service.

– Access to your client hub where you can request new work or view your pay invoices, quotes, receipts and much more.

Also, you only pay for the time we work.

For example, If we quote the cleaning for 12 but finish in 10, we anticipate and you only pay for 10 hours.

How do I book?

5 Ways to Book:

1. Call us at (780) 819-0118

2. Fill out our Quote Request Form

3. Email us at info@queendomcleaning.com

4. Click the chat icon on your screen and leave us your contact information

5. Find us on Facebook and send us a message

What cleaning add-ons I can include?

  • We offer the following Add-ons for extra shine:
  • – Inside the oven and Inside the fridge.
  • – Behind the fridge and stove (we only move with permission)
  • – Inside the cupboards in the kitchen Inside other cupboards (bathrooms)
  • – Full wall wash (standard cleans include spot cleaning)
  • – Full baseboard wash (standard cleans include dusting and spot cleaning)
  • – Interior windows (reachable only)
  • – Wipe ceiling fans (we dust them anyway)

What is the best payment method?

We accept the following forms of payment:

1. Cheques payable to Queendom Cleaning Ltd.

2. Cash

3. E-transfers to payments@queendomcleaning.com

4. Credit card paid via your invoice

All payments are due within 2 business days of service completion. Accounts exceeding 45 days past due are sent for collection.

Moreover, All new clients must submit a 25% deposit to book their first service with us. You can pay deposit via e-transfer (to payments@queendomcleaning.com) or a credit card.

Furthermore, we always honour our service gaurantee no matter what.

Is Queendom Cleaning insured and bonded?

You bet!

First of All, Queendom Cleaning Ltd. carries General Liability Insurance coupled with a Fidelity Bond through RSA Insurace.

Secondly, all of our employees are covered by WCB.

Furthermore, Queendom Cleaning Ltd. holds a Tri-Municipal Business License.

Add ons

Full wall washing
Full baseboard washing
Interior windows cleaning
Wipe all doors and trim
Clean inside boot closet
Clean tidy pantry
Bookcase deep cleaning
Blind cleaning (wipe by hand)
Inside and behind fridge
Inside and behind stove
Inside cabinets
Behind washer/dryer
Laundry wash/dry/fold

Need Help?

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