Be Enough

Moms. Dads. Single People. Human Beings.

I am going to tell you something. It’s ok if you are not perfect, because you are enough.

I. Am. Enough.

For most of us, life runs away on us a little bit now and then. For some, every day. Look at my life right now (and yes, my excess laundry is in my recycling bin):

Houses get dirty. If you clean them every day or every second day, they don’t stay that way too long, but we aren’t all able to keep up. Why? Because of that life I mentioned earlier. Other people we need to care for, pets, jobs, FUN - all things we need to do because we are alive. And aren’t we lucky that we get to be here, to participate in life and feel all the feels and do all the things?

You aren’t required to keep a perfect house and you definitely do not need to feel embarrassed about it. Many of the people I meet are beyond flustered at the condition of their home, and I understand that. So, I tell them all the same thing: you aren’t alone. Most people struggle with this, yes even the stay at home moms and dads or part time working parents who think or are told they should be able to manage the house as well as all the kids and dogs and other adults in the house. Yeah, maybe.

Please don’t cloud your life, your purpose (which is to BE), by focusing on your perceived lack, inadequacies, or short comings. You are enough, and if you need help, I hope you can reach out and receive a hand.

I just wanted to make sure you knew that you are not alone, we all struggle at times and it is ok to ask for help sometimes.

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