Commercial Cleaning Checklist

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Commercial Cleaning

A reliable and consistent cleaning service is essential to a pleasant and productive work space.

Dusting and Surface Wiping

 Door trim

 Desks and chairs

 Filing cabinets

 Printers and ledges

 Furniture and shelving (excluding toy shelving)

Spot Cleaning

 Doors and handles

 Front door cleaned inside and out




 All floors and mats vacuumed LAST

 All hard floors are swept/vacuumed and mopped thoroughly

 All small furniture including coffee tables, chairs, office chairs are moved

 Stairs vacuumed and mopped


 Sink, tap, and mirror polished

 Counter and cupboards wiped

 Walls by toilet wiped

 Lights dusted

 Doors, walls, and baseboards spot cleaned as needed

 Toilet cleaned completely, including washing floor behind and around it by hand