Recurring Cleaning Checklist

What's included in a routine cleaning?

Recurring Services

A clean and tidy home lifts weight off your shoulders

Dusting and Spot Cleaning:

Spot wash walls and light switches

 Dust and spot clean doors and trim

 Dust and wipe furniture and decorations

 Spot clean and dust baseboards

 Wipe window sills and dust blinds (rotational as needed)

Wipe tables, chairs, tv stands (glass cleaner), bar chair bases

 Dust shelving, chairs, tables, misc. surfaces


 Clean the front, top and sides of vanities

 Wipe the backsplash and spot clean walls

 Polish taps, mirrors and sinks

 Scrub and polish the toilet

 Hand wash the floor behind toilet

 Scrub and polish shower/tub/shower door

 Wipe doors, trim and baseboard

 Dust ceiling fan

 Wipe shower rod and polish towel rods

 Remove garbage and polish towel rods

 Vacuum/sweep/mop the floors


 Spot clean walls, doors, and cupboards

 Clean the counters, backsplash and window sill

 Polish appliances, sink and tap (including small appliances)

 Clean inside the microwave

 Remove garbage and replace liner

 Sweep/vacuum/mop the floors


 Vacuum the rest of the carpet

 Dust mop hard floors

 Vacuum edges and corners and floor mats

 Mop hard floor surfaces

 Vacuum edges and corners of carpeted rooms