Initial Cleans: A Fresh Start

If you’re looking into hiring a cleaner, you’re probably aware of the ‘big’ initial clean some companies recommend or require prior to commencing routine (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) cleaning. And with that, you may be wondering why. Why the extra cost? Why the extra time? I’ll do my best here to share with you why an initial cleaning is not only required, but why it is an excellent place to start!

What is an initial clean?

At Queendom, an Initial Clean is basically a deep cleaning, and it is the service we conduct the first time we clean for any client. It is a more time consuming and thorough version of our Standard Cleaning. We also have an option for a Basic Initial Clean or a Detailed Initial Clean. Our most common is the Standard Initial Clean, which is our signature service!

An initial clean spends more time getting those deep cleaning tasks done that often get overlooked or left undone for long periods of time. Here are some examples:

Walls (build up of finger prints, coffee spills, and other hidden smudges!)
Doors (sometimes these need a full wipe down)
Wiping stuff that you don’t see (door trim, window trim)
Generally a full scrub down of bathrooms and kitchens

Why is an initial clean required?

We require an initial clean to save time in the future and to make sure we set aside the appropriate amount of time we need to do a great job and leave outstanding results.

Sometimes, certain tasks or areas can be left undone for months, or even years. Since we can’t always anticipate the exact condition of a home, we estimate! How do we do this? We have cleaning down to a science. We know the average time a room takes to clean, and we estimate our jobs at a level requiring slightly more elbow grease than average. If we clean a home that ends up being easier than anticipated, we discount the bill accordingly, aiming to only charge for the time we clean.

How does an Initial Clean save time and money?

When we get to come in and do a good, thorough once-over of your home, our next cleaning will be so much easier. Now, we can use our most average cleaning estimate to determine the cost of your cleaning. This means the home is now at a simple maintenance level and our team can come in and keep it that way! If we didn’t do an initial clean, we would constantly be working on areas that need more effort than normal, and our rate would have to be higher to allow for the extra time.

What can I expect from an initial clean?

For our initial cleans, we usually send two cleaners in (instead of one). This depends on the size of the home and the type of service selected (basic, standard, detailed).

The cost of the initial clean is usually around double the cost of your routine cleaning (bi-weekly etc.). This will vary depending on any add-ons you select and whether or not your routine cleaning includes all the rooms we will clean during the initial clean.

Do it. Overall, an initial clean will lift a HUGE weight off your shoulders. Handing off cleaning to a pro can ease the tension between couples and families. Our service can give you the freedom you have been looking for to sleep in or go to the gym an extra day. What could you turn your cleaning time into now?