The Best House Cleaning Service in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain

Step 1: Read the label.

I am pretty sure that by this time next year we will all have a serious routine going to reduce the spread of germs! Here is some basic info about our disinfection measures as well as a list of high-touch areas that you should be cleaning on a regular basis. I will include a list of extras at the end, because I don’t have kids and it would be creepy to ask my neighbor if I could take pictures of their kids bunks.

At Queendom, we use two types of disinfectants (and always have). We use 70% isopropyl alcohol in homes (it is virucidal, and when diluted lower than 50% in concentration, cidal activity is severely reduced), and we currently use Zep Antibacterial Disinfectant in our commercial and office settings (Zep Antibacterial Disinfectant is effective when using against viruses similar to the 2019-nCoV). Don’t forget to do your research when you are looking for the right product for your home or business! You will want to make sure you understand how to use the product so that it has the proper dwell time to do its job (they usually require full saturation of the surface as well!). At this time, we are finding it a bit difficult to acquire an all natural product that can do the same job. They do exist (check this out), but sometimes we just need to get the job done and do it well, and right now as you can imagine, some of these more desirable (all natural) products are harder to find!

In addition to the products we use, we strictly employ some additional measures to prevent spreading germs from home to home. I have posted these on our website, on Facebook, and sent the details in an email recently. Here is the summary, plus additional notes:

1. We will not send a sick tech or someone who has recently traveled to clean your home.

2. We ask that you notify us if you have recently travelled or are feeling ill or have flu-like symptoms – we will reschedule without need for signficant notice. Please do not invite us into your home if the above apply.

3. We really enjoy being around our clients, and it’s pretty cool that we will get to meet some of you for the first time. We are practicing strict social distancing, so lets do our chatting at a minimum of 3 meters from one another (never too careful!).

4. We wear disposable gloves and change them frequently.

5. You may request that we wear a mask.

6. We wash our hands immediately upon entering, and clean the sink and tap with alcohol. We repeat this process once we are ready to leave.

7. Our tools all get disinfected at each home once the service is complete (including shoes, buckets, mop poles, bottles, bags).

8. Every home gets a clean, fresh set of mop heads and cloths (this is not new of course!), and the kit your tech brings in has been disinfected already.

9. We can use your special products by request, just not bleach.

Well that went on a little longer than expected! Ok, here are my sweet photos of 10 high-touch areas you (or we) should clean now!

1. Light switches (lol, duh!)

You are about to become very, very familiar with every inch of your house, kinda like we are!

2. Walls & Railings

Don’t forget about your walls, think about the areas that people tend to lean on or run their hands along while going through your home/office.

3. The Thermostat Etc.

Don’t forget about your walls, think about the areas that people tend to lean on or run their hands along while going through your home/office.

4. Alarm Panels, Door Locks and Doors

We don’t just touch a door handle or lock. We touch a lot of other random space too, including the door frame, areas of the door itself, and of course the entire length of the wall (kid height and adult height!).

5. Closet, Cupboard, Pantry Handles/Knobs

Interestingly enough, there are a lot of freaking door knobs in this tiny house.

6. Taps, sinks, counters

I like to keep a small bottle of cleaner in each cabinet and a few clean cloths. I spray and wipe these down several times a day – year round. So SHINY! (don’t zoom in).

7. Arm of the couch, chairs backs.

Mostly I just wanted you to see my awesome couch again. Nobody ever sits here, but if they did, I’d be hitting it with some 70% after they left! Think chair backs, couch and chair arms, places your tiny children tend to lick and snuggle.

8. The remote and your cell phone!

Have not yet disinfected dog.

8. The remote and your cell phone!

Here is where I stopped trying to edit photos and upload them because ugh, technology.

The edge of the kitchen table
Your coffee tables and bedside tables
Lamp switches
High chairs
Rungs – is that a real word
Bunk bed rails and ladders
Garage door
Gate handle
Keyboard and mouse
Any other panels or clusters of buttons
Kids toys
YOUR HANDS! Never have I felt like such an upstanding citizen with my incredibly clean hands!
Alright so that’s it. I love to spot clean my house on a daily basis. I take my mini bottle of alcohol (has some essential oils in it) around and spritz and wipe. I do it way more often when someone is sick in the house. It is very useful for cleaning up hairballs too (from the cat, of course).

I hope you are all doing okay out there. We are taking each day as it comes and trying to do what seems right at the time. We will do as our government directs us when the time comes. Don’t feel bad about making choices that make you feel safer. We will see you all soon, like tomorrow (I am calling all clients to review our procedure and get confirmations that you want us and that we have all done our due diligence as I listed above), or fingers crossed, two weeks from now!


Love Jen.